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The Ideas Modern Curtain For Your Perfect Living Room2

The Ideas Modern Curtain For Your Perfect Living Room31

To see whether the drape you chose really goes well with your living room decoration theme or not and how will it look at different times of the day, take a small piece of fabric and attach it to the place where you want to hang the curtain. This will help you to determine the look of the living room curtain depending on the amount of sunlight and other lightings at different times of the day and how well it goes with your Decor. Most people ignore lining the curtains due to time and money constraints but lining the curtain, not only increases the life of the curtain and protects its colors and fabric from outside weather conditions but also improves the drape of the curtain and improve the insulation property of the curtain of keeping the cooling or the warmth of the room inside it.

The Ideas Modern Curtain For Your Perfect Living Room4

The Ideas Modern Curtain For Your Perfect Living Room51

The Ideas Modern Curtain For Your Perfect Living Room61

Living room curtains do much more than blocking the sunlight and maintaining your privacy in beautifully designed living rooms. They are also useful as camouflaging tools for architectural defects and awkward windows in your living area. Hanging curtains in right fabrics and patterns in different ways can make your window look larger, smaller, wider or narrower than it really is, add height to the living room or give an oriental or romantic feel to the living room. There is no golden rule that says that you have to follow the exact shape of your window while hanging your draperies. Fix your pelmet near the ceiling and let the curtains extend from ceiling to the floor to add vertical height to your living room or extend the pelmets on both side of the windows to give your window a wider look.

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The Ideas Modern Curtain For Your Perfect Living Room91

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Fancy tiebacks and tassels can make your present curtains look more attractive and draw attention to them. You can use net fabric and contrasting curtains to add liveliness and color to your living room or just change the look of your old and existing curtains by changing the curtain pole, making a new interesting pelmet for your curtain, hang them in a different manner or add swags and valances to your living room curtains in contrasting colors. Screens, shutters and blinds such as roller blinds or modern Venetian blinds in contemporary and modern living rooms often replace traditional curtains. Creative and artistic living room setups sometimes do away with curtains altogether and highlight their windows for making just one more artistic statement.


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